Ok let’s write this…LEEEERRROOOOOYYYY JJJEEEENnnnkiiiiinnsss!!

The picture for my first post

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Sharing the same enthusiasm as this famous character, I plunge myself into the world of blogging. Already did this some time ago really (got killed by whelps), but this is my one and only blog made purely out of fun. Hope to post a lot about games, game design, more games and some game reviews. That’s why the legendary battle cry!

So here’s just a quick “I AM” part so that you know who to blame after reading tons of gibberish. Besides being a Troll Hunter, in my spare time I studied Business English and then moved to Marketing ending up as a content writer and a content curator who makes games during weekends with a friend.


Weird combo right?

For me creating a fantasy realms is the most fun thing ever! Drawing up some mountains, bringing them to life with ancient spirits adding a lava river to spice things up and writing some big history events about that fictional world…Those kinds of things come natural when being a Dungeon Master is your thrill during weekends. I always imagined doing the same thing at work. Imbuing life into a product, creating a back story for the company, writing endless streams of articles or truly add meaning to a marketing campaign through some short compelling copy. And I really do this at the office which makes the bigger part of my day GREAT…the other part…yeeeaaa weeeelll…Blizzard could make those legendary cards drop more often…. 😀

Why games? Well, I guess my dad is the one to blame being an electronic engineer and hooking me on computers since the first day I opened my eyes in 1989…or maybe it was the third day I don’t really remember.

Then once I could use a keyboard it was The Lost Vikings, Lion King, Wolfenstein and after that…well you know how that goes… I still can’t understand though why I started doing game design 4 years ago and not earlier. I guess I was more focused on making stories for games than the actual game design. But after playing games for more than 20 years, game prototypes kept coming…first on paper, then started doing some art in Gimp, then some board games and now, my own team Shoopy Games doing games on weekends…still can’t believe it! Two, extremely short games that you can check out here (and a lot more prototypes that I’ll just skip sharing with you guys).

That’s all from my HELLO WORLD article.

Hope you liked it and hope you got a basic idea of who will be doing the writing around here.

Hope there’s no one out there who actually missed this video:

Lots of hope!

Now, I think it’s time to get to know my readers. Write something about you in the comments.

Or, just read more about Leeroy here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leeroy_Jenkins 😀

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