Lore sets the Score

Even LORE has its own LORE

Even LORE has its own LORE

Since Dungeons & Dragons first came out in 1974, LORE became a big part of every game. Knowledge about the origin of fictional worlds started to become important. Life stories of heroes and villains made players more connected with characters & if they knew who the owner of a fictional Inn was it was a lot easier to play the “Lets pretend” game. This fashion kinda stopped when

Simple games like flappy bird conquered the market and lore became imprisoned only within MMORPGs, RPGs and Pen & Papper rpgs. I hope to change that.

Since my blog is aimed at helping more people get involved in game design, there are a lot of other areas they need to become good at too like: drawing, writing, singing and acting that will greatly improve their game creation. Why? Because if you can write a song, that can be used as a starting point for a custom race creation. If you try some voice acting (doesn’t have to be extremely good) that can bring your future character closer to you and your players, if you write a mini story about a village you could use it to later to expand your story from there and so on.

The latest game that I have been working on is called “Rhubber Man” and it will be a simple PC & Android game (as far as I know for now). I did the art and game design while my dear friend Helion did the code(as always). And when I played it yesterday (yes, the PC version is 90% complete) I realized something was missing. A story screen which explains why my main character is muscle pumped, why does he have four arms (yup, he has four arms) and why is he so eager to destroy his enemies?? Lots of questions!  But I plan on doing even more than just answering them.

In other words I WILL BE WRITING LORE!

Right here, on this blog. And this includes planet histories, character stories, art and more. The point? As always, teaching you the ways of game design through real examples. After reading through a couple of the upcoming LORE articles I hope you will have a clearer answer to the question:

Why should I create lore for my game?

So “stay awhile and listen”  😉

P.S. While I’m brewing my articles you can listen to the full lore of World of Warcraft

and also enjoy Blizzard’s latest mini story

these are great examples of what LORE truly is.

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