Andreja Popovik A.K.A Shoop Lor* is an independent game designer who loves learning and teaching game design. He got a Bachelors Degree in Business English and is working towards getting a Masters Degree in Marketing. He enjoys writing and curating content, acting, singing, free-styling(rap-related), game making, gaming, collecting high quality toys, tech, Android phones, experimental marketing…

Being lucky to have a MIGHTY electronic engineer as a father, Shoop Lor was surrounded by tech & computers from the first day he opened his eyes. After being able to control a keyboard he started playing Lion King, The Lost Vikings (on PC) and Super Mario on his first Nintendo system. After those games, Shoop Lor knew that this was his greatest passion and he played all sorts of games from 1994-2008.

In 2008  he tried making some pen and paper games, some card games, board games and that plunged him in the world of game design. After those games, he made many prototypes in the following years, using Game Maker, RPG Maker and Unity. He fell in love again. This time in Game Engines. He was surprised of how easy it was to make games in these modern times. He then spend a lot of time searching for the right team members, he applied for the first Global Game Jam event in his own country and although he won the “Best Art” reward, those people were interested in one-time collaboration which left him alone.

He did not give up, instead he learned more about game design watching the famous Extra Credits YouTube series. When he found out that there was a Game-Design course in his country he instantly applied and finished as a top student in the first class. This gave him the motivational boost to apply on all local game-jam tournaments.

There has never been a game-jam in Skopje, Macedonia where Shoop Lor hasn’t won some kind of reward.

Finding his two team members Helion(code) & Bole(music) which accidentally happened to be high-school friends, he formed his indie game development team Shoopy Games which created two HTML5 games: Wiztown Battle and Who I am using the Construct 2 game engine. Both games focused on pixel art and old school gameplay made by Shoop Lor himself. Around 5 other prototypes were created by this team but were never published anywhere on the Internet.

Presently, Shooplor works with the same team on his latest game Rhubber Man which will be the first commercial product of the team coming out soon for Android and PC.

*Shoop Lor was a Jedi name he adopted as a child when playing pen&paper Star Wars RPG with friends.


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