All because you don’t want to read any more


As attention span lowered, the necessity to swap between UI sections/screens became so high, that one can often notice an app user quickly switching between screens and apps without exactly knowing what he/she is doing. This is common to the point where you cannot really expect someone to read a full page of text anymore if he/she does not really consider it relevant.

This is why I am here…or better put, this is why WE are here. Content Developers. We used to be content curators. The last readers on the planet. We took big amounts of text and made them more relevant by simplifying, contextualizing, adding wonderful design (yea, we learned design too), we also learned game design, video production, code, UI design, UX, project management… we’ll even learn public speaking techniques…why?
Because of You!


Now when you got beautiful low amounts of text, you want less. When there are only two buttons, you want one and if possible to click it less. You always have the “skip” button somewhere nearby. You favorite thing to do is…well…nothing.
How are we to create content for people who just consume data in a completely different way?


Using all I learned in storytelling, game design and web design, I started producing 2D animations with the same friend with whom we founded Shoopy games more than 8 years ago. Guess what? We are having the time of our lives. In our animations, text can be emphasized not just by growing bigger or smaller, but by changing color, shape, floating and flying. Through my drawing, we can visualize what we want to say and through fine code, we can make the animation run smoothly at 60 fps.

No interaction at all?

Maybe with some interaction?

We made games so both are easy for us. In the end, we add some nice music to it, great voice acting and there you have it. Content fit for 2017.

We can help you…help you to just sit there and watch.


And we are not alone.

Check out our favorite YouTube guys who do the same:

Or learn how to do it yourself:


P.S. We still love making games.